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Over 15 years in business and even more in experience! 

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I hope your doing well, with lots of good dogs to train... I enjoyed our time together, your a terrific trainer, with lots of patience, and understanding... and in our case you need both Patience & understanding for Riley's parents.  But I do believe your lessons have stuck with us, and Riley is coming along Great! I think he's turning out to be a well balanced, yet fun dog... thanks to you putting us on the right path in the early stages. Thanks again, Riley's parents, Linda & Lou ​PS: The cat is now stalking Riley... its so funny to watch... So I guess... now we have to protect Riley... what a hoot!
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Hey Pat, your training program is EXCELLENT!! We first liked how you introduced the program to us in your first 2 hour visit. Then with the next 5 visits you explained and demonstrated the training in no nonsense terms. The biggest thing we came away with is humans are the problem. The dog needs one set of training terms and not others chiming in. Your weekly written critique was very helpful. We use them to refresh our training. We enjoyed your energy and commitment to dogs and their training. Keep up the great job you do !! All our best !!
Linda, Gary Kopania   

Certified Dog Trainer
puppy training
Canine Good Citizen
I don’t know what we would have done if we hadn't found Pat. We just didn't know what to do with our little Italian Greyhound, Sarah. She wasn't like any other dog we had. Pat is a terrific trainer!!! In 8 weeks she turned Sarah around, and us too. We want to thank you for all of your help!
​Jack & Linda Wintrich - Parma Hts.
Pat has really helped me out in realizing easy techniques to help Grizzley out with his social issues with other dogs. He was a social puppy up until he was attacked in his own yard by other dogs.We can walk past other dogs closely, with no reaction. I can also take him outside with the other dogs in the neighborhood with no reaction. He keeps to himself, but that was something that was difficult to do before. Pat also taught me great techniques on what to do if another dog is loose and comes after him. It was worth it to know that after almost 6 years Grizzley seems very relaxed and happy.   Thank you for all your help, ​Katherine
In 18 years as a veterinarian I have seen the extremes of dog behavior. Rottweiler's can be difficult dogs to train. All the dogs I have seen for Pat Maistros have been well trained and well behaved. Even her newest rescue, Leo, is a pleasure to work with already.  
​Dr. Bob Litkovitz - Tremont Animal Clinic

The practice of patience protects us from losing our composure. In doing that it enables us to exercise discernment, even in the heat of difficult situations. It gives us inner space. And within that space we gain a degree of self-control, which allows us to respond to situations in an appropriate and compassionate manner rather than being driven by our anger and irritation.

 - Dalai Lama

dog obedience training

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Certified Dog Trainer
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In any economy you can have a good dog. Let me, a certified dog trainer, help you form the bond.

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Parma, Cleveland, Strongsville, North Royalton, Berea, Brooklyn Hts., Brecksville and surrounding areas 

We highly recommend Pat and A Bark Away Dog Training. Working with her helped us and our pup with basic commands, walking and socialization. Her techniques are effective and she supplemented each session with written materials for review and a handy reference guide. As first time pup owners her experience was beneficial. Although still a young puppy our dog has a "sense" of what she should be doing and that is due to a large extent on what Pat taught us in dealing with her when she was 8 weeks old. Pat advocates being every bit as strong-willed as your puppy and that her methods show real benefits in our case. Thanks again!
Sue and Bill B.

I want to thank Pat in training of our puppy Luvy. Luvy is a 6 month old Mastiff and was in need of some training especially since her size was growing faster everyday.  Pat came to our house weekly and worked with us and Luvy. We now have the training, tools and knowledge we need to assist Luvy in becoming a great and obedient dog. I would highly recommend her to anyone with a puppy or older dog, her patience with us and Luvy and encouragement made an enjoyable experience.  Thank You from Keith, Barb and Luvy.
When we first contacted Pat our puppy, Brindle, was treating us like chew toys. Pat was able to show us how we actually encouraged that behavior. Brindle also did not have basic manners. After our time with Pat, we have a very loving and affectionate puppy who now chews on her toys instead of us. Brindle has also mastered basic commands like wait and stay. We all enjoyed learning from Pat and cannot thank her enough for helping us bond with our puppy the right way. ​The Oktavec Family

Any dog can be a Canine Good Citizen regardless of pedigree, with the interest of a responsible guardian and some good training time invested. CGC training helps a responsible pet guardian turn their canine companion into a well socialized and obedient dog. Guardians benefit from having dogs with manners that may allow them certain privileges and the secure feeling that their dogs will behave in many environments from dog parks to visits with residents in nursing homes or with students at schools.

The CGC test is available for any dogs that are pure bred, mixed breed, and even those dogs that are considered lost causes by some; the shelter dogs. With training, some of my best students have been shelter dogs who’ve received their certificates with their new guardians. Every dog is unique, and in my classes I try to help guardians one on one, to discover unique ways to help their dogs succeed. Guardians who may be visiting this site and who are looking for training for their dog are definitely on the right track!

​The dog/human breakdown in a relationship is a result of lack of understanding and communication. As long as there is this breakdown, dogs will continue to end up at shelter doors. It is rewarding for me to help mend the broken dog/human bond, especially for shelter dogs, who have given me so much in experience and understanding of their specific problems. It is equally rewarding for me to help humans understand dog language. I understand that language and would like to help dogs and guardians mend their relationships.

I am only “A BARK AWAY”.