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​DECEMBER 29, 2010

Argos - Some of you may recognize Argos because he either helped you or your aggressive dogs learn to be tolerant and not so scared of all dogs. He was a gentle friendly giant to humans and to other dogs and animals. He even helped some clients learn that Rottweilers are gentle creatures and that they could actually hold one on a leash, or walk with one. I often handed the leash over to some clients who had trouble holding onto their small breeds, and then they would walk him like a champ! After a nice calm walk, I would inform them that they were in control. They thought that Argos was "trained" to walk with them and that he wouldn't pull. When they realized that he could choose to drag them off at any time he was triggered, they couldn't believe it! He helped build confidence in so many humans and other dogs. He also acquired his CGC certificate. He was a wonderful part of my family and the best boy to work with. I'm going to miss him and the special joy he brought as a retired senior. Even Doogan can't match him in his ability to calm other dogs. He's earned his place in Doggie heaven. RIP my sweet "little old man".  8-22-17

Dog Obedience Trainer


Lassie was the Nanny, straight out of Peter Pan
Tracy was my baby; with me always paw in hand
Kelly our protector could be fierce and yet a friend
Clancy was the beauty, with my baby till the end.

Dustin was the fussy dog with OCD compulsions
His memory provides us with enjoyable discussions.
Shamrock shy and simple was a sweetheart to the end.​
Hidden in wolves clothing she was a little lamb.

Trip was smart and beautiful and gave his brother hell
But Chessie took it all in stride, as far as I could tell.
Makita was for sure MY dog; the proof was in his nature,
To jump to my defense if he thought I was in danger.

​​Once, though brief, our lives left us without a dog to bond with
Then Hagar and Logan came to love and share our home with.
Hagar was my “big giant dog” who had a heart of gold
The best are always taken, before they grow too old.

Logan stayed on longer and enjoyed life’s simple pleasures
​He was a diamond in the rough, our bright and shiny treasure.
Oh these two boys were clever, and before they would depart
The two of them would brand their paw prints on our hearts.

We were blessed to have them all, companions and best friends
And now they romp together, on days that never end.
In my heart Rainbow Bridge exists, and that’s where they will be
​Waiting to cross over with old friends… their dad and me.