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The Canine Good Citizen Program at Parma Animal Shelter

I have trained some of the volunteers who can continue to promote good manners if they wish, and hopefully we’ll see many more success stories with dogs adopted and thriving in their new homes. 

No matter how long these dogs are in our care, they are always learning. Their new guardians may continue training after they adopt, and some dogs may even pass the AKC CGC test without further training. Here are some examples of the volunteers’ reviews. I am very proud of the class members and happy that they love the dogs enough to invest a little extra time to learn how to help them shine. ~(;9 Pat 

Emily Kwong reviewed A Bark Away Dog Training — 5 star
Pat was great in working with volunteers and our shelter pups at Parma Animal Shelter! Gave us the tools to interpret and communicate with the dogs, and our dogs really listened as well! It was fantastic to see the positive change her training and discipline brought to our dogs, especially the ones who did not have a lot of experience with humans or other dogs before  :) The one in particular who pulled, bit the leash, and was reactive around other dogs became a nice walker, stopped biting the leash, and ignored the other dogs - what a change! 

Colleen Siedlecki reviewed A Bark Away Dog Training — 5 star
Pat has volunteered her time to help train the Parma Animal Shelter dogs in the Canine Good Citizen program. It has made a huge difference in the dogs’ behavior. We have seen some unruly dogs completely change and are now much better on walks and listen to our volunteers more. Pat has also helped train our volunteers in better dog handling skills. Pat is very insightful and truly understands dog behavior. Thank you Pat! 

Thank you very much for the training opportunity you provided for us over the last several weeks.  I am glad I was chosen to participate. I found your training methods practical and helpful.  I have endeavored to use them with the shelter dogs on a regular basis. I think it is very important that all dog volunteers receive additional training.  It certainly makes it safer for all and makes the dogs more adoptable. 
I hope we can have a follow up session in the future as a refresher course to see how we are all doing as we are all works in progress! Thanks again! 

On June 11, 2017, Parma Animal Shelter introduced the pilot program for the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen for their volunteer dog walkers and their shelter dogs. The first class was very successful! The volunteers learned some dog communications and body language, so that they could relate better to the dogs and teach them some basics and manners. The dogs are now provided with excellent care, plus mental and physical stimulation. Keeping them busier while learning on and off their walks, helps them to adjust to their current situation, and to be as relaxed and open to training as they can be in a sometimes chaotic environment. These exercises also help them to make the adjustments in their new homes with as much ease as possible. These special volunteers also use what they learn to help keep the dogs busy and under good control in a safer environment created by practicing awareness.

I no longer train PAS volunteers for AKC CGC or any other training, but hope those volunteers continue to work with the dogs that enter their shelter. PAS DOES NOT offer CGC trained, or READY to test for CGC dogs. But you can call me to work at a discounted rate to get your adopted dogs from any shelter CGC ready!

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