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Parma, Cleveland, Strongsville, North Royalton, Berea, Brooklyn Hts., Brecksville and surrounding areas 

I had the pleasure of volunteering at a local animal shelter with Pat. The dogs that come into shelters, generally end up there for serious behavioral problems. I have seen Pat work wonders with abused, neglected and behaviorally challenged dogs. She has done fantastic things for these animals, turning them from un-adoptable dogs to adoptable family members. I have also had the opportunity to take the Canine Good Citizen class that Pat offers, which allowed my dog to pass the Canine Good Citizen test with ease!
​Rebecca, RVT - Avon Lake, Ohio
Pat helped me with my pet, but it’s not the kind of pet you think! My husband and I own a very smart and very sassy 3 year old Potbelly Pig! For about 2 years she has been running the show in our home. We do not expect our potbelly to act like a dog, but were desperate for some kind of guidance. Pat bravely took up this new challenge, and showed us just by studying our behavior with her at our home, what needed to change. I was very impressed with how perceptive Pat was, and her techniques she showed us to handle our Potbelly, have already paid off! I would highly recommend Pat Maistros as a trainer for anyone who needs a little help with their dog/pet pig!!! :)   
​B & G
Pat has truly been a lifesaver for our family!  We adopted our Sammy from a local shelter and once we brought her home we quickly realized we needed expert help in training her.The in home visits provided us with personal advice on how to establish life in our home.  Pat gave us weekly instructions and a daily chart for our children to focus on so we were all on the same page, using the same commands.  She involved the entire family in this process which was invaluable.She gave us new ideas each week on how to use Sammy's natural instinct to the best of her ability in a constructive way.We highly recommend A Bark Away Dog Training for everyone!!  Pat's knowledge of animals was a true blessing for our family.
​The Visconti Family - Parma
I just want to personally thank you Pat for all you have done for us and for Chip. We moved into a townhouse from our home and I worried so much about Chip on how he would adjust and "behave" in a close environment. You taught him the basic commands which in turn has helped him and us to adjust to this move. We still have a long way to go, but we definitely see an improvement.After all, look at what he did when you left after our last session, he basically said in his own way," look at me and what I know…" as he stayed away from the door and sat.   You have a love for dogs Pat, and it shows. Thanks so much for all you do….
​The Tronko family... and Chip
We thank you for all the work you did for us and Kobe. I’m sure if you didn't teach us how to train him he would still be a wild dog. He still is full of energy but we know how to control him now. If we ever need help with Kobe, and/or anyone we know needs help with their dog, we'll be sure to send them your way!
​Nathan, Eden and Kobe
Training my dog was a bit of a challenge and trying to get him to get along with other dogs was impossible (The) training session went really well and better than I had expected. My dog likes to pull when he goes for a walk so my training lesson focused on this behavior. Pat taught me how to control my dog by gentle reminders to let my dog know to ease up. I plan to take more training lessons so I can learn more on how to control my dog…to my amazement Pat had my dog playing with her dogs within 5 minutes. I couldn’t believe how well he got along with them and it only took a mere 5 minutes. I would highly recommend Pat as an experienced dog trainer.
​Denise B. - Brookpark OH
I met Pat through her work at the local animal shelter. She encouraged me to enroll my Shayna in the Canine Good Citizen class. The class was very helpful; Shayna passed the CGC test and I learned some new skills for working with dogs. I was so proud of Shayna when Pat asked us to assist with an at-home training session for another client’s dog. The training Pat utilized with the client taught me that another dog is often the best teacher. I used the same technique I saw Pat model when I adopted another shelter dog named Gypsy. It was due, in part, to what I learned in CGC class and Pat’s modeling that I believe the introduction of Gypsy to Shayna went so well. Pat has helped me understand working with shelter dogs, as they often come with their own unique set of issues and previously learned behaviors.
​Patty W.