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Pat gave me the confidence and guided our family (including 2 very young children) on how to train our new puppy. I felt very overwhelmed in the beginning; but her patience, and advice has really made our sweet Petey a loving part of our young family. I would recommend her to anyone who is in need of dog obedience training. I look forward to future group walks too!

I really can’t say enough about how pleased we were with Pat’s tactics and way of thinking. Everything that she taught us and our dog, has stuck. I did my research on a bunch of different trainers and quickly found out that her style is way beyond a bunch of commands that you give to a dog – it’s understanding their mentality and being able to properly react to that before an action is even taken. That alone will help us continue to work with and teach our dog.  I have, and will continue to recommend A Bark Away to my family, friends and co-workers!  Thanks! Dave & Chrystal
Thank you for your patience and knowledge. I know we have a lot of work to do still, but now I have more tools to work with. I also am still learning and hope to be a better dog owner. We will continue to practice and hopefully progress to becoming Canine Good Citizens.
Jordonna, Steve, Dexter & Morgan
We adopted Brody, a nine month old puppy, from the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter. After spending some time with him at the shelter, we thought he would be a good dog, the kind that would be perfect for our little family. Boy, were we wrong!! Once we got him home, we started seeing a dog that was completely different from the one in the shelter. He expressed the typical bad behaviors that land dogs and puppies in shelters.   From biting, to lunging to not listening at all, Brody was out of control…And then we found Pat!! After the first session, she had Brody listening to commands from sitting, to staying and waiting. She taught us techniques on how to get his biting under control, which was his worst trait. He no longer bites feet, steals slippers or couch cushions. We are very thankful we found Pat because we know we could have never gotten Brody to behave the way he does today. In our eyes, he has always been a good dog, he just needed some guidance. Pat gave us the confidence we needed to train Brody properly and now we know we have a good dog thanks to her.  
​Danielle and Bill with Brody 
After four years of being without a dog in our life, we decided it was time to get another one.  We realized that it was important to adopt a rescue, as there are so many great dogs in need of forever homes.Because of the fact that there are so many dogs available and the search for the right one can be overwhelming, we decided to ask Pat Maistros of A Bark Away to help us find the right dog to join our family.  Knowing how good Pat is with animals, and knowing her vast experience with rescue and shelter dogs and their special needs, we knew she would be able to help us find the right “fit.”  It wasn’t long after explaining to her what we were looking for that she was able to locate our little Mary.Mary was with a foster associated with a rescue group in Indiana having been rescued from a hoarding situation, along with her litter of puppies.  Pat felt she would be a great dog for us, and she was absolutely right.  We adopted Mary in October, and she has proven to be the perfect dog for us.  We also signed on with Pat to work with us and Mary to teach her commands and further her socialization.  Every lesson has been helpful, and everyone has noticed how good Mary is doing after her training sessions.  Adopting a rescue can have its challenges because these poor animals have not come from optimal situations, but Pat assisted us with teaching Mary what we expected and, at the same time, taught us to understand what Mary was dealing with in her new home.  Pat is a terrific dog trainer, but she has also proven to be a terrific “dog placer.”  She knew what we wanted, what would work for us, and has the network of colleagues necessary to find just the right pet to complete our family.  On top of all that, she has the experience and expertise to address the training issues needed to ensure that the dog and the owners form a long lasting bond of love and trust. We cannot thank Pat enough for all of her help.
​Sal and Bonnie LaCause
I adopted Marty, a Cocker Spaniel who is blind, from the Parma Animal Shelter in February 2006. He was 6-7 years old at that time. I was single so Marty had the house to himself, including the furniture and sleeping in bed. After re-marrying in October 2007, my wife and I noticed Marty’s behavior changed. He became aggressive toward me and Arlene if we tried to correct his behavior. We became frightened of his behavior when we tried to remove him from bed and other furniture and not knowing how to handle this, called Pat Maistros. She came to the house and corrected Marty’s problem in a very short time! Actually the problem was more “us” than the dog. I did not have control and he did. Since that issue was taken care of, Marty has been a wonderful pet! Also, his blindness is really NO handicap! Thank You.
​Jerry and Arlene - Parma, Ohio
When we first adopted Duke, and (Pat) came to our home and worked with us, we were so grateful for that one on one interaction.  Now that Duke has taken the CGC class from Pat, he is so much easier to handle. He absolutely loves being around people. He also loves children and they love him.I truly believe that the time Pat spent with Duke before and after we adopted him, made him the wonderful pet he is today.  Thank you for being such a great trainer.  
Debbie and Duke - Parma Hts.
​Trainers Note* This dog had horrible mouthing, humping and leash pulling behaviors at the shelter. He was adopted and enrolled in my class where he received the CGC Certificate and rave reviews from his guardians!!


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Pat, Thank you so much for all of your help! We had a lot of trouble training Dexter, our Boxer puppy. Dexter has a great temperament but is extremely playful. We had trouble with him jumping on people and mouthing. Pat helped us to understand what he needed from us. He was bored! And for good reason, we work all day and he is left alone in his crate to entertain himself. When we would get home in the evenings, Dexter would not leave me alone. He would jump all over me and bite my hands. Pat has helped tremendously. After about a week of using methods that Pat shared with us we were able to bring him under control. He could play with his toys by himself if needed. When he gets older we will work up to letting him roam the house during the day so he's not as bored and Pat gave some helpful tips on this as well.We had trouble walking him. He would jump on us and pull the leash and go crazy when we'd pass people or other dogs on walks. Pat suggested a collar to use to help us get control and remind him to walk calmly by our sides.  It took a couple of walks for him to understand, but with the repetition and consistent correction he is fine.Pat also showed us some toys to get and games that we can play with Dexter. We play games with him to teach him to use his sense of smell and he is happily rewarded with a treat.It has taken some hard work on our ends and on Dexter's but we all understand each other much better. We are so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Pat. Dexter is a wonderful dog, he just needed some guidance in a way he can understand. We also plan to get him CGC certified when he is a little older.
​David, Andrea & Dexter Brunswick