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Kali is doing so well! She is walking without her halti collar, making friends with other dogs at the park (played with a 100 pound pitty and a 10 pound little dog at the same time), and even letting little kids come up and pet her/give her treats.
Last night she went with us to a bar patio. Fully expecting we would have to take her home and come back within a half hour...she made it almost  two hours! And let people sit on the ground with her and give her hugs (all while we monitored her of course). 
She lets us know when she's getting anxious and ready to leave a place by doing random sits without us asking. She has also started to put herself away into her crate on her own when guests are over and she is done interacting with them. 
We are still working on our calm greeting when guests come in, but she is definitely settling down within 5 minutes which is a huge improvement from where we were! She knows place now and can even handle walking to and from the car without us holding her leash and just giving her the command of where to go. 
Thank you so much for helping us with her!! She gets compliments now when we take her places on how well behaved she is. She still gets overwhelmed so we can't stay in new places for too long but we hope exposure over the summer will help her break out of that anxiety. 
Shae Maresco (and Kali) 

We adopted George at about a year old and wanted to make sure we started off on the right foot. We hired Pat and she was amazing at reading him and training us to think and communicate from a dog's perspective. We feel more bonded with him and confident in our skills to keep him well balanced and happy. I'm thankful we went to Bark Away Dog Training for our needs!

Hi Pat
How exciting tonight was for Ruby and I.  I went  up to the assisted living facility with Ruby, and got asked about training!  I see Ruby was so well behaved that people noticed. So of course I passed on your information and explained how I am pleased at our progress. It already shows how well Ruby is doing.  Again, thanks to you for all you gave me to succeed.  I will continue to work on it.
Kathy and Ruby

I am Cooper, a 4 month old Rottweiler, a first Rottie for my mom, Robin. She wanted to find a trainer with experience with bigger dogs like me, so she chose Pat from A Bark Away!Pat was very patient with me and taught me not only good manners, but sit, stay, wait, down and rollover!!  I always hear my Mommy say how much she trusts Pat and likes working with her! I have to say that I totally agree! I also heard my Mommy say that she wants to do more obedience training with Pat so that I can be the best big pup I can possibly be! Well, I'm off to play with my Boston Terrier sister Bindi (who loves Pat too)!  Bye!
Cooper and Robin - Independence
Warren and I want to thank you for your expert ability to teach us what it’s like in our dogs’ worlds.  Now we understand Rocky’s and Bonnie’s needs and have a better idea about the reasons that they do the things that they do.  We know now that it is mostly the owners that need training, not the dogs.  You’ve given us the tools we need to have wonderful relationships with Rocky and Bonnie. 
Thank you again, Warren and Denise Morley
Pat has really helped me out in realizing easy techniques to help Peanut Butter out with her jumping issues with other people.I was trying all the techniques which showed great improvement. And now we are so excited to win the dog massage
​Thank you for all your help, Breanne and Harry
On behalf of our Family, we wanted to thank you for your support in training our German Shepherd Puppy, King. As you can probably remember from your first visit to our home we introduced you to King, a puppy that was very difficult to take for walks, climbed on furniture and did not listen to our basic commands like stay. You immediately started to make progress with King and provided us with valuable instruction on how to get our puppy to follow commands. You came each week with specific ideas that related to the behaviors of King that we were trying to change. At the conclusion of the 8 weeks we are very pleased that King has made dramatic improvement, is a pleasure to take on walks and follows many basic commands.  We look forward to working with King to expand on the training and are confident we will have many enjoyable years with our German Shepherd.
​Rich Basalla
Apollo hated his crate, jumped on all guests in our home, was difficult to walk on a leash, and would not listen to any command we gave him. While it seems like a lot of issues, you gave us quick and easy tools and commands that helped within days of initiating them! The results came fast, but with a lot of hard work! We highly recommend A Bark Away Dog Training to everyone! Pat has helped us on other fronts as well, and we can’t thank her enough!
​Kim Moyers & Family
Wren had been ruling the roost for six years and was quite the incorrigible Corgi, but with Pat's help he's been put in his proper place. She gave me the confidence and the tools to turn Wren into a wonderfully behaved well-mannered dog. I’ve already recommended her services to several friends of the family who own dogs. I couldn’t be happier with the results of our training.
​Nicole Pavone with Wren - Parma


I enrolled my 10-month old Boston Terrier puppy to “A Bark Away” training and I can say it was transformative.  No treats, no shock collars - just understanding of a dog’s thinking. Pat is professional and passionate.  Her ample written reviews and instructions will be invaluable in the months ahead as I work to grow my trust and companionship with Bel’amico, my Boston.
Peace,  Fr. E

We adopted our shepherd/ hound mix from Berea ARF. This was our first rescue adoption and we weren't sure how to handle some of the behaviors we were seeing. Pat's training and patience has helped us and our dog Joy smoothly become a family. The tips and techniques Pat taught us are enabling us to become confident and calm pet owners!

We would definitely recommend Pat and A Bark Away Training!


I recently finished a 6 week dog training course with A Bark Away Dog Training. I found it to be extremely informative.  With the guidance of the best “dog whisperer “ ever, Pat Maistros, we were able to understand exactly what it takes to understand how your dog thinks and to help them be the very best they can be. Learning that it’s more about training the human is half the battle. It seemed so easy when Pat took the leash!  Always so kind when she would give instructions to Jack but firm in a soft voice. It works. I loved the weekly printed review of the previous week’s session. Several pages of valuable information to reinforce all that was taught that session.
   Without a doubt, I would and will highly recommend A Bark Away Dog Training to anybody thinking about having somebody who understands what dogs need to be their very best!!  Pat Maistros is extremely knowledgeable about dog behavior and she makes you feel that you can learn how to have the dog of your dreams.
Thank you Pat! 

Pat gave me the confidence and guided our family (including 2 very young children) on how to train our new puppy. I felt very overwhelmed in the beginning; but her patience, and advice has really made our sweet Petey a loving part of our young family. I would recommend her to anyone who is in need of dog obedience training. I look forward to future group walks too!

Pat really helped us to understand our dogs behavior and how our own actions might be influencing his behavior. Our dog is a very active rescue pup with a BIG personality, we needed to learn how to reign in that puppy energy to better handle him. Pat was very professional and patient with us during training, helping to break bad habits and showing us how to take control of Rocket instead of Rocket controlling us!

Thank you, I will definitely be recommending you in the future. 

Heather and Rocket ~ Berea

Sadie was a “rescue” and I was having a very, very difficult time with her, trying to teach her some kind of “doggie manners”, etc., and I had almost reached the point where I was beginning to fear that she was “untrainable” when a friend of mine mentioned you. Boy! Was I ever glad I called you!!From the moment you walked into our lives Sadie has been an entirely different dog. Of course, she isn’t perfect yet (and neither am I), but with the training rules you have taught us both, we are really enjoying ourselves together. I never thought I would see Sadie sit perfectly still when other dogs were within “barking distance”, but the first time you walked Sadie and with one simple command had her sitting calmly by your side left me practically speechless. The two of us are becoming closer and closer every day and Sadie is learning to respect my wishes as I never thought she would be capable of doing.Before you came into our lives the neighbors were calling my little dog “Killer”, because of her ferocious way of wanting to attack everyone and anyone. To see her walking calmly down the street now, by my side, has those very neighbors asking, “What happened to Sadie? She is an entirely different dog now.” Of course I tell them all about you and how you have made such a change in our lives. So thank you again, and really, “thank you” does not even begin to cover how I feel about the way you helped Sadie and me learn to “really” live and have fun together.
​Bless you and your special gift! Frank and Sadie

Pat Maistros - Certified Dog Obedience Trainer, Instructor, AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator   (440) 570-8184